Ocean Freight

90% of the global trade moves on ocean. Genex Logistics has substantial capability to offer Ocean Freight Forwarding to its customers across globe. Genex is an MTO operator and issues negotiable Multi Model Document (similar to Bill of Lading). The various services offered under Ocean Freight Forwarding are: Door to Door FCL (Inbound and Outbound), Door to Door LCL (Inbound and Outbound), Multi-country Consolidation (MCC) and Buyer Consolidation.

Air Freight

Air Freight has traditionally been gap filler in the end to end supply chain. However, the changing customer’s expectation and shortening of total lead times; Air Freight has gained much prominence in the International Trade Logistics. And to keep pace with the speed of trade, GenEx Logistics has established an Air Freight Team and Network to take care of the urgent customer shipments. Our Airfreight network is capable of moving shipments from anywhere to anywhere in the world. The various services offered under Air Freight Forwarding are: Door to Door Air Freight, Door to Air Port, Air Port to Door, Air Port to Airport Express


Customs is an essential part of the International Trade. With the new innovations and opening up of the world trade, customs procedures have gained importance. We at Genex Logistics not only understand custom processes and regulations in a detailed manner but also undertake activities to accomplish compliances of these processes. Our offerings under custom clearance go beyond the traditional offerings of freight forwarders as we offer: Custom Clearance for Imports Custom Clearance for Exports Advisory on Special Valuation Process (SVB) Advisory on special clearances – Edibles, Pharma (the items that have direct impact on the society at large).

FOB Services

FOB services consist of all the origin service before the shipment leaves the country. It includes pick up of shipment from the factory.

LCL consolidation

The process of LCL consolidation involves the movement of less than container load cargo from an Inland location to a nominated ‘hub’ terminal under customs seal , usually in a domestic container of some sort. At the nominated hub terminal, the sealed containers are opened and the cargo re-worked on a destination wise basis without having to be subjected to re-examination by customs. Indian Customs permitted the reworking of LCL boxes in certain nominated ‘hub terminals’ in the year 2000.

Genex Logistics have been actively harnessing this opportunity to make its own consolidation boxes / containers to many export destinations in Europe, Americas, Asia pacific and Africas. The offering of this service by Genex Logistics is based on the fact that shippers can expect their LCL cargoes delivered at the destinations within the same time frames as FCLs. Few of the prominent lanes for LCL Consolidation for Genex Logistics are:

  • India – UK
  • India – Germany
  • India – USA
  • India – Singapore
  • India – Australia
  • India – Hingkong
  • India – China
  • India – Malaysia