Transportation has always been a backbone of logistics and supply chain management. The word “Logistics” actually appeared in article as early as 1898 “The French have a third process, which they call logistics, the art of moving and quartering troops”. Transportation in military setting is then the foundation of modern logistics and supply chain management.

In academic setting, first logistics and supply chain management program also started out as business degree in traffic and transportation in 1919. Travelling Salesman Problem which is the early form of vehicle routing method was so important that Proctor and Gamble created a competition for it in 1962.

The first logistics organization was also started as National Council of Physical Distribution Management in the USA in 1963.

The earliest form of logistics outsourcing, which is known today as Third Party Logistics Provider (3PL) concept, appeared in the scene in 1985.

This is something that logistics and transportation professionals should be proud of. Knowing the history and help shaping the future of logistics and supply chain management!