4This quiz is based on a customer query that our team witnessed recently during a customer meeting. The customer was planning to import some shipments from China to India.  The plan was to import these shipments and then store the material in India in order to reduce the ‘time to market’ so that as and when client’s client demands these products, the same can be supplied to them immediately.

The client had given the details of these shipments to a couple of other ‘leading logistics companies as well but most of them have responded with the standard freight rates for shipping and storage only as below:

  • Freight from China Port to India warehouse: USD 2500/40 feet container (All inclusive)
  • Cost of storage in the pallet in the warehouse in India: INR 1000/Pallet per month (~USD18/pallet/month)

No one had responded to the exact customer queries. As part of the discussions, the client gave the shipment details to our team as well. The details areas:

The customer was planning to bring yarn from China. The yarns spools were to be packed in cartons which in turn would be stuffed in a 40 feet container. This container would be brought to India via Ship. In India, these cartons were to be de-stuffed from the container and to be placed in standard pallets, and stored for about 2 months, until sold.

The client wanted to have a minimum cost of shipping as well as storage per carton. This meant that maximum cartons should be stuffed inside the container and also maximum cartons should be placed in one pallet.

Dimensions of the Carton, Container, and Pallet Areas:


Length – 580mm,
Width – 385mm,
Height – 525mm


Container (Inner Dim)
Length – 39.39 feet,
Width – 7.71 feet;
Height – 7.80 feet


Length – 1.0 Meters
Breadth – 1.2 Meters
Height – 1.5 Meters

Customer Queries For You as Logistics Experts:

Question 1: How many of these carton can be stuffed in the 40 feet Container?

Question 2: How many pallets are required to accommodate the total cartons stuffed in 40 feet container?

Question 3: What is the minimum cost per carton for freight and storage in pallets for 2 months?

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