Supply Chain is about End to End material flow encompassing Inbound Logistics of raw material, Production Logistics of converting raw material into Finished Goods, Movement of Finished Goods & Spare Parts to the end consumer and the reverse Logistics (of faulty goods to the repair centre and back to the good inventory). In the prevalent supply chain structure of companies and industries, most of these functions happen in silos.

Genex Logistics looks at ways to curtail time in this end to end process to enhance speed of flow. We undertake these activities as separate projects physically but simultaneously integrate the information flow to the larger pool of company information databases and help our customers speed up the flow. In general Lingo, these activities are also known as:

  • Inbound Logistics,
  • In-Plant Logistics
  • Outbound Logistics of Finished Goods
  • Inventory Management
  • Distribution and
  • Reverse Logistics.

The Inbound Logistics, In-Plant Logistics and Outbound Logistics of Finished goods, or supplies of output to OEMs is also terms as Contract Logistics. Whereas the Management of spare-parts or supplies to market places is termed as Spare-Parts Logistics or After Market Logistics.